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MBA from Changa College, Gujarat, India
CMD of www.NextPinnacle.com SEO Company
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Money Making Training Course: www.MyIncomeBook.com
7 Year’s Online Business Experience with 1000+ Global Clients

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Dear Friends,

First of all thank you for visiting my website and it is good that you are willing to lean more about internet business because internet is the next future!

Before to start anything else let me tell you my story, I am Bhargav Bavarva coming from middle class family from Jamnagar. I have completed my MBA from Changa College and B.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry) from Vallabh Vidyanagar.

I am passionate about business so my mind is working here and there for business plan and strategy.When I am in first year of college then thought that property business is one of the best for earning good money but that require lot of money to invest upfront that I don’t have. So I am searching something that does not require more money and it can be start with little.

Do You Have Following
Question in Your Mind

  • How To Make Money Online?
  • How To Make Money From Home?
  • How To Make Money Online Fast?
  • How I Earn Money Online?
  • How Can I Make Money Part Time?
  • Best Online Money Marking Course

Or related question in your mind then here is what you will get the answers of this all online money making opportunities!

I have touch computer keyboard very first time in first year of college and does not really know that how this works, but then after I have started learning computer and later on started learning about internet. After the spending of some timeson internet my mind start brainstorming that how this internet works??? Why website is providing this information??? As we get free information then why they provide to us??? Why they waste their money to provide free to us??? Then started learning about internet business and how to make money on internet and research goes on and on…

After too much research, I have order some online courses and products and really does not getright information but get partial information that is not working at all so I have wasted my money and time but still my learning is not ended yet and going much deeper and started my free blog that is also very challenging for me because doing first time and learn some promotion method like directory submission, social bookmarking, etc.

I am not getting much success at that time but one think I was sure that this is the option for me to earn with less investment that what I am searching because property business is not feasible for me so I have started learning myself more and more rather to away from this internet business.

This underground learning goes 2 years and I have learned many thing and specially website promotional methods like, directory submission so I have plan to start my directory submission business and then add more link building& SEO services but I am doing my graduation so some time exams and other things are going on so not really get much time to launch my business website but I have prepare all website information myself and plan out everything, I got 1 free month in my MBA 2nd semester at that time I have launched my first website name called www.NextPinnacle.comon 5th July 2008, Saturday morning 8.00 o’clock from cyber café in vallabh vidyanagar.

One thing to tell you that NextPinnacle is started with just Rs.2000 that I have save with collection of 2 years (I keep saving Rs.200 from monthly pocket money receive from home so that money I have invested in my first business), That is my core business now.

Start with single directory submission service I have then added more services on time to time basis and also doing experience on my free blogs to check service effectiveness. I have receivedsingle order after one and half to two yearslater but then I am spending more time anddeveloping my business and started more orders from various countries and developinggood clients’ portfolio with successful case study results and now we have good number of bigger clients with successful results, so client is happy and me too!

I have only focus on my SEO and Link Building business, but in 2011 I thought that we areat NextPinnacle providing internet marketing &ranking services for clients then why don’t start earning with other business models from internet so we have started affiliate marketing for our own network and getting good success because of my strong SEO background.

I was spending more than 12 hrs. a day on internet to learn more and also wasted lot of money till 7 years, may be more than 5 lac with all trial and error method to test.After so many years’ experience, learning and mistakes, I am getting the right places and strategy that worksandearning good income from home!

Why & How I Have Planned To Launch This E-Couse?

As I am working online since long and many of my friends, students and other people knowing me personally asking me that how to earn money from online? And also sharing some fraud online cases that he and his friend has join some program claiming that if you pay first month then they will provide work each month and pay for that but they just grab money and nothing comes,so can you please let us know how we can do online? So in this way lot of people are coming to me and asking some right direction to earn money online soI thought that okay lets educate people to the right way and give them right direction so that people can do something better for future and save their initial cost and time that I have invested.

Why You Need to learn Online Business?

  • 1Part Time Income Source

    People are searching some part time income source with their regular day time job,business or with his study so this is very much suit to you because you can work from your home and doing it in your spare time so you can start your online business for your monthly parttime income source.

  • 2Flexible Timing

    As I am not saying you can start full time internet business as like me but you can do it part time as per your flexible timing with your day time study, job or business and create some extra spending income from your spare time.

  • 3Future is for Technology

    You might be aware that people are now moving to online and new trends has been started so if you start it now at initial developing time then it is good for you.!


5 Reasons To Learn from MyIncomeBook

  • 1Easiest Step-by-Step Money Marking Guideline

    Here I have explain step-by-step so any one can learn very easily even beginner or un-technical person who does not have any knowledge can understand and start the business on the same day.

  • 2Learning from 7 Years’ Experience

    I have started online businesslearning since 2005 and still testing but I have good online business model that is working fine for me that I have testing since 7 years so you can get that all 7 years’ experience ready made from here.

  • 3E-Course + Personal Training

    Here I have plan out 2 way you can learn this course one is e-course where everything mentioned step-by-step that you can do and another is I will come to your city and arrange personal training with you and teach you everything live.

    1. E-Course      2. Personal Training

    In this way you can learn as per your convenient way to gain maximum and start as soon as you can.

  • 4Save Initial Learning Time

    As I am learning since 7 years and still doing it but for initial business learning about how to do online business and what things work best and what not is taking more time. if you plan to start learning by yourself then you need to patient for long time to learn everything because most of time you will fail at initial time because me too passed from this step but you bypass that learning and testing period by yourself if you start learning from this e-course because I will teach you directly that is working and earning money so you do not have to waste your time and money for testing.

  • 5Save Trial & Error Cost

    I have wasted more than Rs.5lacs for testing so if you think you want to do yourself then you can but make sure that you will definitely waste lot of money online for learning and claim on internet that internet business not working but reality is that you are not getting right thing that is working….so if you want to save all this trial and error testing cost then you can do exactly what I am doing that working very fine for me.

I Will Teach You How You Can Create Website in a Day
that Start Earning Opportunity!

This is Not a One Day or Automatic Million Dollar System Scam
Program But legitimate Process That Help You to Increase Your
Earning Day By Day

Beware of Fraud Scam Programs

There are lots of frauds and scam programs availableonline so people are paying money and then realize that nothing comes as per claim so beware of that type of scam.

Some Fraud Money Making Claims Are:

Automated Money Making System

You may have heard from many companies that you do not have to do anythingand system works automatically and you just grab money that’s it….just think that if system work like that then why he is giving you? And just for information that online world is also like physical local world and nothing comes free without effort as like real life.As I am doing online business since 7 years still I am doing lot of work and effort but arrange my plan proper so I just have to check the work that’s it… But still need to do work, so if you are lazy and searching automated system then here is not right thing for you! You can go to that automated scam program and waste your money!

Pay Registration Fee and We Will Give You Monthly Work

Many companies are offers that you can pay now some fees and then after they will send you monthly work and pay you each month…. Please be awayfrom this scam because they will not pay you anything!!!

Paid Survey or Promotional Email Checking

99% of survey and promotional email checking companies are fraud and 1% companies are working truly and paying but amount you will receive from this is not something bigger that you can leave like king! Here I remember my favorite quote.

“If you want to Fly like an Eagle Then Don’t Waste Your Time with Fish?”

Here I want to tell you that if you want to earn bigger from internet then do not waste your valuable time with this type of survey!

7 Years’ Experience teach you how to make real business
online that generating tons of dollars daily.

Make sure we will not pay you directly and don’t trust on any offer claim that they will pay you because they don’t… I will guide you the RIGHT DIRECTION! Thathow toget paid by Fortune 500 Companies like, Google, Amazon, Yahoo and many more.

Why This E-Course is Legitimate?

My Personal Identity

I am Bhargav Bavarva leaving in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India running my internet marketing &SEO Company (www.NextPinnacle.com). You can check my technology blog here: www.TheTechTrends.comyou can verify my authenticity.

Personal Training Course

There are lot of online programs but did you find any time that person directly come to you for personal money making training? NEVER EVEN YET!!!!!

This is where I am not like others because my intention is to make people educated for online business earning opportunity and provide him the right direction.

Here I have created 2 option to learn, one is online e-course where you can learn from that e-course step-by-step process mentioned there and if you still need personal training then I am arranging personal money making training in whole Gujarat so you can register yourself for personal training too.

Intention to Provide Real Direction

Here I have started this course with intention to provide right information and guideline so that people away from scam program and get right information.


  • You don’t need any technical expertise knowledge –  (I also not technical)
  • You can work from home!
  • Set your flexible working time that convenient to you!
  • Be your own boss and earn good money
  • Student/house-wife or anyone who can spend 1-2 hours per day can do!
  • If you workmore,you will earn more!
  • Limit lessEarning Opportunity!

Extra Income – Work from Home/Office – Part/Full Time –
Flexible Timing – Be Your Own Boss!

MyIncomeBook – Money Marking E-Course Outline

Chapter-1: Where to Make Money Online?

Chapter-2: What To Know Before To Start?

Chapter-3: How To Find Market & Niche

Chapter-4: How To Create Website Step-By-Step

Chapter-5: How To Create Content For Website

Chapter-6: Promote Your Website

Chapter-7: Multiply Your Success Formula

Chapter-8: Diversify Your Portfolio

Here I have covered everything and anything that you need to earn money online with step-by-step guideline so after the thoroughly learning of this course you can start your online business on the same day!

What do you thinkthe Price of Course That Teach you 100-1000 USD per month Earning Opportunity????

It could be 1000 USD?
If 50% of Discount on this then 500 USD?
Can I Charge NeglectingAmount of
197 USD?
Yes this is good price deal right? Yes!!!

See I can Charge 197 USD and people are happy to buy with that price but my idea is not to just grab money but need to give you right direction so I thought to give this copy as many people as possible and that is why I have decided to give this copy at

Supper Discount Price of 59 USD only

So are you ready to order? Wait I am from Gujarat (India) and need to give some more benefits to people leaving in Gujarat (India)so I have plan to give limited copy at just neglected price that any tom dick and harry afford!

Special Discounted Price for GUJARAT-INDIA is only Rs. 300!! Yes
JUST Rs.300– This Offer is for Limited Time and price will be regular as $59 very soon.



This is E-course where everything mentioned step-by-step and you just need to implement the same way mentioned in e-course.

Price: Rs.300/-

Personal Training

If you have read e-course but still have many doubt and need personal money making training then this is good for you because I will teach you personally each step and strategy so that you will get all idea correctly and start your business on the same day. I will come to your city and arrange the personal training and teach you everything on seminar.

(Note: E-book and personal training cover the same thing but I will give you live example and teach you directly in session and then after query and doubt clearing session so beginner can solve all their doubt and do it faster without wasting more time to searching here and there and start their online business on the same day!)

Price: Rs.5000/-

Notes: If you are beginner and thinking that personal training is needed to you but doubt that whether Rs.5000 is worth or not? then you can order E-course now (that is just Rs.300) and if you feel that this is good and you need more live training then you can take personal training.

Just One Day Spending Money with Friends on Hotels or Movies
Can Change Your Life! – JUST Rs.300/-

So order this real money making training course that will teach you step-by-step that how you can make money online and become your own boss.

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