Why I Don’t Like To Create a Free Website

Posted On: January 10, 2014 by Bhargav Bavarva

People are making 2 mistakes when starting website, first one who spend too much money on website development & designing part that does not require at beginning level when you don’t have any idea or planning for branding so better to start as lower cost as possible. You can learn earlier post that mentioned that how much it costs to create a wordpress website.

Second mistake, people are starting with free platform, this is biggest mistake and it is like developing your house in someone else land. If you are serious for creating website then I recommend starting with hosting & domain so that you have full control over it.

There are several reasons I support to start website with own hosting & domain that you can learn here in details

Create a Free WebsiteI Have Doubts about your Seriousness?

First and for most question I raised if you plan for free platform is, are you really serious or just want to do here and there? Because, if you do not have own website then you may not much seriousness and will not work much seriously.

So I can say if you are planning with free platform then you are not serious to make money online and I have same story, I have wasted time to create free sites but not working much serious for that all sites till I had my branded domain.

Passionate & Motivation for Own Site Play a Big Roll

When you have your own site then you have some passion and get motivation every time that oh you have website and doing something and that also matter to keep you motivated and keep working on development of website that landed to success at the end of years.

Question of Credibility

There are several free platforms for blogging like wordpress, BlogSpot, weebly and many more. When you have website that looks like www.yoursite.blogspot.com so how do you feel when you come to this type of website? If I am the visitor then I do not give much trust on that type of website because of free platform.

Even you are posting good posts but your credibility is lower because of unbranded name that hosted on free platform so people are no more remember your name and just close.

Limitation of Features

BlogSpot, wordpress and many other blog platforms available that you can start free website but that all comes with limitation of features so you don’t have more control to add more features that help you to create branding for your website.

Limitation of Control

If you have your own hosting then you have control for your server and website and add whatever you want. But if it is free hosting then less control and you have to play with resources only is available for you.

When your website is getting more popularity then it might possible to down your server in free platform but you can manage hosting plan higher if you have your own control.

Limitation for Designing

Another limitation is design part; many times you need more attractive design with customized look that you can’t do fully in free hosted platform.

You Can’t Sell Free Platform Site

When you have website that is popular and plan to sell to grab more money, you can do it if you have control of your website and many people are running this system as their main business of creating money making site & sell it at higher price.

But if you have free platform then you cannot able to sell and even no buyer are ready to buy free hosted blog.

Another reason of privacy of BlogSpot already mentioned that you cannot sell or transfer your blog to another one and if you have done it secretly and Google find it then they can delete your blog and remove from search engine too.

Concern about Safety and It May Delete Any Time

First of all we have an example of GeoCities that manage by Yahoo. They have closed site operation in 2009 so all site hosted on that platform suffered from loss so just imaging if company like Yahoo can close their business then what you think for others?

Free blog can remove/delete any time and they can give reasons of spamming or anything even you have not done and suffer from loss. So how do you feel when you have invested your 2 years to grow your website and suddenly your site is removed?


As beginner wants to keep cost lower and that what I recommend but that does not mean to start free if you suffer with long term loss. You can search cheap hosting & domain provider or search discount coupons available for reputed hosting company and save money but I recommend you to start with your own hosting & domain so that you have full control and more passion & seriousness for work.

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