The Advanced Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Posted On: September 12, 2013 by Bhargav Bavarva

Dear Internet marketer fellow, whether you are beginner or expert when you are searching about how to make money online then few things pop up every times from here and there is Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, we have learn in previous post about Google Adsense (if you have not already read then I suggest to read that post) and now here I will cover complete guideline about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Start from scratch that what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing definition in Wikipedia is “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.”

Let me explain in very simple way that affiliate marketing is to promote some other company’s product to get commission. Affiliate marketing is actually not a new method but very oldest marketing model working even in physical business too. Here when you refer some product to your visitors and if people buy from that link then you will get the commission per order.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

This is internet term so if you are beginner then you may have many questions but I tell you that you knows this model if I give you a local business model idea. As we have seen many small shops or big shopping malls where you can purchase the items, so what they are doing? They are shopper and selling other company’s product locally and they get commission per sales, did you know that? Yes everybody knows it so here it is the same thing in internet marketing but it call “Affiliate Marketing” so nothing unknown but need to understand online things that how it works that’s it.

Product can be anything like, TV, Camera, Mobile, Clothes, software, E-books, etc. you have to find the product that you want to promote and join the affiliate for that particular product and need to start promotion.

Once you get your affiliate links then you can write reviews or in-depth article about product so that someone visits your website and purchase that product then you will get the commission.

Beginner fellow might have questioned that how to know that I have made sales and how that affiliates manage the tracking that sales comes from your account? I too have same question 7 years before. As affiliate network has world class tracking system so everything is visible and nothing mismatch so don’t worry about tracking.

Internet is biggest market and affiliate marketing is one of biggest source of income people getting each and every days.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How to start Affiliate Marketing business to make money online is the question you might have, then let’s discuss here step-by-step that how beginners can start the affiliate marketing easily.

To become affiliate is very simple and you just have to find the product that you like to promote and sign up their affiliate program and you are done! But here you need to do it very wisely and need to focus on the audience because junk content with full page affiliate links will not work but you need to follow some process that mentioned here.

Process Steps

1.    Search Market & Niche

2.    Create a website on Niche market

3.    Create Content for website

4.    Promotion

5.    Tracking & Experiments

6.    Multiply the Success


1] Search Market & Niche

When you are planning for affiliate marketing then you must have to do enough research about market, niche & product before to start promoting because general blog will not cover the entire affiliate product but you have target the niche market and need to create niche target website specific for that particular affiliates.

Here first you have to learn the market which best suit to you and also profitable too so you need to find market whether you want to promote TV, Books, Shoes, etc.

Once you have decided that you can start exploring TV market then you need to find the niche target like LCD, LED, Plasma or 3D TV? And also need plan whether go for specific brand or general TV that means 3D TV for Sony is the very niche market.

Here you have to do keyword research to get idea that which keyword has enough search volume to target, I am using Google keyword planner (earlier known as Google keyword research tool) and also using LongTailPro for keyword research and competition analysis to save my time to find the competition level for each keywords.

Here niche market & keyword is very important and all the success depend on your basic niche research because if you choose market which is very competitive and if you can’t get top ranking then you will end up with nothing. so you have select market very wisely to have enough search volume with lowest competition level.

2] Create a website on Niche market

Once you have finalized the niche market & product, then you have to create a website on that particular niche so you have to search the domain related to your keyword and install wordpress & basic plugins and create your website.

3] Create Content for website

Once your website is ready then you have to start content writing. Affiliate marketing success depend on your selected niche and your content quality because junk content will not convert any sales so here you have to create niche brand and create authentic content and then you have to recommend the product then only it works.

Affiliate marketing website need few pages of quality content and need to post each day in earlier time and then after weekly or biweekly 1 post is also okay.

4] Promotion

This is also important because you will get sales only when you are on top ranking so you have to create really valuable content that goes viral and also have to understand the SEO & social media to promote your website. You don’t have to be expert in SEO or SMO but just learn some techniques and follow regular to do small things regular.

5] Tracking & Experiments

Once your website start receiving sales then you need to track it that from where it is coming and how it goes and which keyword is performing better and so on. You also need to test the different link position and design to get idea that where it is more conversion.

6] Multiply the Success

Once you got the perfect strategy which makes you money then stick to it and repeat the same to other niche and develop your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

Common Terms Associated with affiliate marketing

Affiliates: An individual who promote the merchants product in exchange of receiving commission per sales is known as affiliate.

Merchant: Company who has created the product and you are promoting as an affiliate which known as Merchant or Advertiser.

Affiliate marketplace (network): Third party who provides affiliate marketing management who provides better technology to track affiliates, sales activities and reporting to both Merchant and Affiliate and provide the platform. Very popular affiliate marketplaces are ClickBank, CJ, Shareasale

Affiliate link: special tracking link specially assign to you to track your sales and activities so that everything is visible which includes your tracking id so your activity get reported.

Affiliate Manager: few affiliate networks has specially dedicated person to look for specific affiliate product and you will get every help from them is known as affiliate manager.

Commission: The amount of money affiliate get per confirmed order is known as commission.

2 Tier affiliate marketing: it is very good mode of affiliate marketing because you will get commission from your sale and even from those who you have recruit to join affiliate so it’s very good for long lasting business.

Link cloaking: Affiliate link has your tracking number so it is not much looking great when suggest to someone so here affiliate link is cloaking to the human readable link from plugins. I am using “Affiliate Link Cloaking” wordpress plugin to cloak my links.

Charge back: if product is return or not able to complete proper sales then commission you have received from affiliate program will get back because it is not successful sale.

Conversion rate: Report showing that how many times your affiliate link made sales with respect to how many times it is viewed which calculate as follow:

Conversion rate = Sales Generated/Number of times viewed

If your link is viewed 100 times and you have made 5 sales then it is 5/100 = 5% of conversion rate.

CPA: cost per action (CPA). Affiliate gets commission per desire action. Here action can be sales, leads, sign up, etc. define by the merchant.

Last click: In affiliate marketing, last link get the credit for sale that means if you have suggested any product and visitor just viewed product but have not order and then he again landing to product with other affiliates link and purchase then last affiliate will get credit for sale.

Recurring commission: When product offer each month or yearly commission which is known as recurring commission which is really very good for affiliate to generate steady growth.

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

As we have learned in-depth about affiliate marketing but as I know beginners might have some question so I have mentioned here frequently asked question:

How much cost to join affiliate marketing?

Most of affiliate offers do not have any fee to join so don’t worry about that you can just go to affiliate sign up form and join it but it may take approval time because different network has different approval process.

Is affiliate marketing making me money? How much?

Yes, of course you will make money with affiliate marketing because millions of people now making online money with affiliate marketing business and you too can make.

Amount you will get from affiliate marketing is all depend on you that how you are doing and how you are developing your affiliate marketing business, as I have made my first affiliate income of $45 and now it’s growing.

How often I get paid?

Many networks are paying monthly so you will receive payment 15th of each month and some networks are paying biweekly so It depends on network you join.

Is there any qualification require?

No, you don’t need any qualification to become affiliate, just join affiliate program, promote and get money. Many successful affiliates not even completed college education but they learn affiliate marketing in-depth and doing testing and become successful. Actually I am not in that list because I have completed my MBA (LOL).

How to get affiliate link for product?

Once you find product that you want to promote then you have to go to their affiliate program and sign up to them. Once you get approval account then you can get network access and get affiliate link.

Do I need blog for affiliate business?

Not compulsory but let me ask you one question that how you promote product if you do not have blog? I hope you get idea that blog is best way to promote product.

Is any locality making any difference? Do I have to live in US to be an affiliate?

No, it is not mandatory that only US or UK resident become affiliate, you can join and start affiliate marketing anywhere in the world but some product may be banned in some country so it may be mentioned specific countries to promote.

Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies

Many people start with affiliate marketing but failed because of many reasons, learn few affiliate marketing tips that help you to become successful affiliate marketer and get better success.

Niche Market

When you start general blogging then you don’t target specific affiliate product and don’t get much conversion so if you plan for affiliate website then select your niche market and keyword and develop website around that topic.

Select product which has positive reviews and offers good commission

Before to select the product you need to do enough research that product that you plan to promote has positive review from users. if you have question that how you get reviews idea then amazon, walmart, flipkart, etc. is authentic sources where people post their authentic reviews so you can go to it and search the reviews.

You have to check that product has good commission per order so that you can make more money. Many products have just few dollar commissions but demand is higher and high search volume so that is one option and other way is search volume is lesser but product has higher commission per order.

Create Authority & Trust

When you build the website around your niche market then you have to create the authentic content which creates your authority & trust in that particular niche.

Be Honest

If you are really transparent with your audience then you will get natural followers so suggest the product to people that really useful and good. One time false suggestion may give you few dollars but that may decrease your authority so better to suggest what you have used or what is better.

Ready for Smart & Hard Work

People are failed to make money online because they put some effort and then tiered; if you are serious to make money online then you have to work without any tiredness and ready to work for long time at least at initial time.

Dedicated time management

If you are not regular for your work then you will not really get as success as expected because you need to be regular and dedicated for your business then only become successful.

Learning & Experiment Every time

If you stop learning then you will not get updates with latest techniques so better you keep experiment with your website and keep learning new technique to get more benefits.


In current era marketing is very important and product get more sales only with smart marketing and even better product struggle to get business because of marketing campaign so you need to promote your website to get popularity.

Start search engine optimization and social media marketing slowly till you are getting good business and then increase your present with SEO and SMO.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are lots of affiliate marketing programs available but you can’t join to each and start promotion so you need to join with best affiliate marketing program so that you will get best out of your effort, few of best affiliate marketing programs are mentioned below:

ClickBank – No 1 digital affiliate marketplace

CJ – commission Junction is very popular for physical products affiliate marketing and you can find lots of products for promotion.

Amazon Associated Program – Great company with millions of product option, commission is lesser but still you can make big money from amazon.

Ebay Partner Network



Above are the few of popular affiliate network where you can get many offers to promote but here you need to find product that related to your website. Lot more affiliate products and programs are available on internet that you can search.

There are lot of Affiliate Marketing niches like, Hosting, hotel, forex, casino, credit card and many more that you can name off. You can find related affiliate program just search on Google in this way. “Keyword” affiliate program so if you want to search hotel then search hotel affiliate program and so on for any niche.

I have tried to cover complete guideline for affiliate marketing for beginners but if you still have any question then you can write in comment are.

Thanks for your support! Cheers! 

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