PTC (Paid To Click) Concept

Posted On: March 26, 2013 by Bhargav Bavarva

PTC refers Paid To Click, which means advertiser viewer get paid for viewing advertising, here PTC Website is the middleman where advertiser pays for displaying ads on PTC sites and part of payment goes to the viewer from the PTC company.

Billions of clicks and traffics are generated daily with the help of PTC concept but the question is about fraudulent clicks.

Type of PTC Websites for member joining:

  • Free Joining PTC Sites
  • Paid Joining PTC Sites

Free Joining PTC Sites

Many Reputed PTC leader website are free to join and you can earn money with the company but the amount of money is very less at initial time but one good thing is about referral earning which means you will get some referral commission if someone join with your reference which is also free!!
  • Free to join so no risk at our end
  • Very easy work – just to click 
  • Referral income with joining and Ad Package Selling
  • Referral Generation income
  • Less earning compare to time you are investing
  • Time Consuming

Paid Joining PTC Sites

PTC site are taking upfront joining fee from member so we can say this is paid PTC sites and here lot of questions arise in our minds that why companies are taking upfront fees from member? And we all have heard and even faced some fraud cases regarding channel Member Company so worried to pay upfront to any company.
  • TOOOO MUCHHH RISKY because we have to pay upfront
  • Looks like fraud scam plan only!
  • Many Indian companies are paying more amounts on per click to the member which is really not possible to get from advertiser and that means company is planning for fraud in future.
PTC concept is encourage people to click because they are making money so website is getting popular faster but does not have enough good resource to get more benefits and search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing are getting more burden for this type of fraud clicks.

Is Google AdSense working from PTC traffics?

As many people are running website and looking more traffics to get more sales or clicks but this is not very easy and one question arise here is whether traffics comes from this PTC sites are valid and Google AdSense working with this website which is getting more traffics from PTC sites?
As Google is genuine company so it may band Adsense account for those who are getting more traffic from this type of PTC websites.
If you are looking to join with safe then Best Free PTC site is good to join without any risk and get lower money but do not join any paid PTC site at all.
I hope you enjoy with the post and if you have any good or bad experience with FREE or Paid PTC company then kindly share here so that other people get more idea before to start.


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