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Posted On: March 31, 2013 by Bhargav Bavarva

AllHitDeals – Big MLM Come PTC (Paid To Click) Clicking Company is closed down with scam and added name in fraud scam list in 2013 with many other company like, speakasia, ram survey and many other internet fraud scam company.

AllHitDeals is started by Tapas Rai under on 20th November 2011. Company is growing faster day by day.

AllHitDeals Scam

PTC Resource Posts:

PTC Basic Concept

AllHitDeals Business Concept: is paid joining PTC come MLM Company earning from affiliate marketing and advertisement.

As you have learn the basic concept of paid to click and how it is operating and how paid joining PTC site is really earning.

As company is starting with the concept of best deals portal and taking the upfront money for viewing advertisement deals as a Paid To Click but here company is not directly getting per click income but company is saying that it is affiliate with Commission Junction (CJ) and earning money from their affiliate source.

How Company Might Be Earnings?

Advertisement Revenue (Here it is affiliate)

As PTC company’s one of main revenue is from advertiser but here is working on affiliate model and all links are clicking by member is affiliate links so company is getting revenue from affiliate sales, lead and click model.

As company says that it is working with commission junction but I have seen later on also many links from Affiliate Network links like so here company is getting revenue from this affiliate network.

Money Rotations

As I have discuss in my other posts that paid joining paid to click or member company is rotating the money this means new member’s joining fees are given as a payment to the older member and this way company is rotating the money.

As a flow of new joining is increase as and when company is paying regular so all most all payment are given to the member by new joining fees itself but here make sure that this is not a revenue because company has to pay to all new member next month onwards so company has other business plan from where they can get more revenue.

Other Business Plan to Rotate Money to Get More Returns

Company has money flow from joining fees so company has other investment plan like property, trading and other business model from where company can get more return to the member and also earn more for company’s own.

Here if company is dealing with property and trading then company must have sound team who is just focus on property deals and other expert teams who is focus on trading only so that company is managing proper and getting more returns.

What Might Be the Reasons of AllHitDeals Scams and Shut Down?

Do not able to generate more income from sources

Advertisement as a per click income is good for company to survive but here company might not get as much income received from affiliate advertiser that has to achieve for regular long term survival.

Higher Return to Member

As a free joining PTC site is working authentically because they are getting income from advertiser and paid to member as a part of that but that is very less amount and here it is bigger amount per click paying by AllHitDeals

Even if you consider 20-25 USD highest CPM (cost per 1000 impression) then also it is around 2-2.5 cent per click which is around Rs.1-1.25 and company is paying Rs.7 per click so purely advertisement is not the survival option.

Company’s Intention – is Pre-Plan for Fraud Scam?

As we don’t know what is the companies pre-plan but one question raised in our mind that why company is paying bigger amount? Is this for faster popularity? Planning for fraud scam at popular peak time?

As we have calculated that if 25 USD highest CPM (cost per 1000 impression) then also it is around 2.5 cent per click which is around Rs.1.25 and company is paying Rs.7 per click.

Or company has plan for alternate business return like property, trading but does not have any sound team who is able to manage the property or trading deals to get better returns for members and also for company too.

Over Flow of member joining

If company is not pre-planning for fraud and plan for long run but company’s expected member joining has been double to ten times because of popularity and then after their management is not able to handle this much money flow and their mind is also goes worse to take all money and away.

I am not the member of AllHitDeals but many of my friends are associate with, kindly share your experience and your request to company so that many member get together and make your voice louder and it might be chances for refund or may be company restarting if it was really genuine.


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