How to Make Money with Google Adsense – Complete Guide

Posted On: September 10, 2013 by Bhargav Bavarva

I hope you are now aware of Google Adsense and looking the things that how Google Adsense help you to make more money.

There are many options to make money online and 1 of simplest and easy is Google Adsense, here I will cover in depth guide about adsense so that beginner gets full idea that how they can use Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Definition is available in Wikipedia is “Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience.”

Now let me elaborate the thing in simple way. Google Adsense is the product of Google Inc. Google is earning most of their revenue from Advertising Business Adwords where advertiser pay for per click received, called PPC. You can see the sponsor add in Google Search result which is Adwords ad, see in following screen shot.

Google Adword Sponsor Ad

How Adwords and Adsense co-relate? Advertising received from Adwords is visible in search result and beyond to that Google has created the revenue sharing platform where people can place Google’s Ad and get paid when someone clicks on those ads which is known as Google Adsense.

So here website owner join to Google Adsense and just get the HTML Code and place code in their website and start receiving ad from Google and start earning, this is contextual advertising and website owner received around 68% of click revenue and rest will get Google.

Before to move ahead I want to clarify 2 terminologies

Publisher: Blogger or website owner who manage their informative content and Google allow him to show the ad on their website is called publisher.

Advertiser: Advertiser is the individual who pay for their ad showing on Google’s network.

So here person who is interested to make money from Adsense then he might be a Publisher (you & me).

How It Works

1.    Create your informative website

2.    Apply for Google Adsense with your website

3.    Get Approval from Adsense Team

4.    Login with your details

5.    Create campaign and select the ad size

6.    Put the HTML Code in your website where you want to run the Ad

7.    Boom!! Ad is running…Your Business is started!!!!


Various Types or ways you can show Adsense on your website:

Adsense for Content: place ad on your website

Adsense for Feeds: Ads will show up on feeds

Adsense for Search: Ads will show up in search which is place on your website

Adsense for Mobile Content: Adsense for mobile contents

Adsense for Domain: you can place Ads on domain names which is not yet developed

Adsense for Video: Ads on YouTube Videos

How to Apply for Adsense?

Here you have idea about Adsense and now willing to apply for Adsense account then you need to know few things before to apply for account.

You need to create your website with at least 20-30 unique informative content pages before to apply and also you must read the Google Adsense policy to get more idea about what to do and what not to do to approve your account.

Once you are ready then Go to here and apply with your website.

Not Getting Approval?

As several time people are not getting approval and asking me that why I am not getting approval, people may lack with something so they may not get approval.

As I have mentioned you need to have at least 20-30 pages quality content which is very niche topic not general things here and there.

Also Google’s main aim is END THE SEARCH that means if people come to your website when searching something then your website page might have full of information about the topic and really get the value as like you are searching about Google Adsense Complete Guide then you come to MyIncomeBook page and get really valuable information then only Google gives more value to that website and same way if you do not have really informative content then you will not get approval. Here many time question about article length so I can say it may be vary but it must have complete information about topic whether it is 300-400 or even 2000 words but if you have more than 700 words article then it is good.

Also site design, navigation, content grammar, spelling mistake and several things counts so it is like you need to develop your website with due care as like we take care little baby.

How much can you earn from Adsense?

This is the question every fellow has, earning from Adsense is all depend on you that how you are doing with your website and how much more informative content you are posting and how much traffics your website getting.

As people are earning Lacks of dollar to few cents so it all varies and depend on you only.

Some examples of successful users are:

Individual Blogger: Problogger, labnol

Content Based Sites: squidoo,,

Income is vary because different per click income based on location, niche, and topics so if you have theme which has more number of advertiser and higher dollar per click then you will get more income with few clicks and wise a versa. People come from search engine and get click has more value and revenue.

So here opportunity for earning has no limit and that all are depend on you that how you are getting more traffic to your website so that more visitors and more click you can generate and get more revenue.

Here I want to tell you one thing that, this is not a night game or Quick Rich Scheme but it all require hard work & smart work regularly to get things bigger from smaller and improve yourself. Every successfully online earner has started from small things but they just keep doing it regularly and become bigger and same thing apply till now if you too willing to make money online from Google Adsense.

Now it’s time to create your website for Adsense income

As you get full information about adsense program so now excited to start your website for Adsense then go ahead and start it. 1 thing to tell you that starting local business needs few lacks dollar and full time but here you just need few dollars for domain & hosting and your spare time so nothing to lose but I can say if you are really serious for work then only start because I have personal experience that, people are tiered after few times because not getting money as fast as expected but here I can say that you have to be ready with all alter situation and for hard work for longer time to get success.

5 Tips to get success with Adsense

Creative Contents

Website need to update with new fresh content regularly. so you need to write content for your website each day and post it. Content is the food for website to survive as like Human needs food to survive.

Here question about quality, creativity, uniqueness because copy content from other will not work for you but you need to create with your own sense and ideas to get refresh the website with fresh creative content.


People are failed to get success is because 90% of people don’t do regularly and just do it sometime and forgot which can’t works. If you really want to make money online with Adsense then you have to spend dedicated time and be stick to do it regularly.


Website owner make money only when website get more traffics. You will not make any thing if your website is end up with no traffics. If you stick to create unique content regular and engage your audience then your website starts getting more traffic.


Learning is very important and you need to do testing every time to get idea that how you are getting better. one famous quote in India’s Most popular TV show Kaun Banega Karorepati – Sikhna Bandh toh Jeetna Bandh

Don’t Use Free Host

Just want to ask 1 question that if you can’t afford just few dollars of domain & hosting for your business empire then it may be doubt about your seriousness. Here lot of free platform like,, where you can create your blog but if something happens wrong then they might delete your blog without your concern and you just lost your effort and you do not have more control over it so better to buy your own domain and hosting to start your blog.

Benefits of Google Adsense

  • Google Adsense is very simple, easy and authentic program.
  • Google has tons of ad inventories so you do not have to worry about advertiser and you just have to focus on your website only.
  • It is the first choice for publisher because it is manage by Google and publisher gets really very high revenue sharing percentage compare to other advertising solution.
  • Help is always available to you if needed

Millions of user worldwide using Adsense and making money online, many are making few hundreds dollar and many are making few thousand dollars but all are up to individual’s efforts.

Google Adsense Alternative

Well, Google Adsense is not only program where you can get contextual advertising but Adsense is biggest one and paying far better than anyone else so It is more popular but if someone banned from Adsense and not able to get approval then you have to think for other network to start work with. 

Google Alternative Networks







Above few are Google adsense alternative but I would suggest to make site Adsense friendly and don’t break any Google Adsense Rules because here you will make lot of money without much effort.

I hope you are getting enough idea about Adsense but if you still have any question then ask me in comment or drop me an email and if you have more inputs to share your knowledge then kindly share in comment area so that other peoples can get benefits.

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