MIB 001: How To Make Money Online?

Posted On: November 20, 2013 by Bhargav Bavarva

How to make money onlineI understand the worth of online business and look forward to guide you in regard to where to make money online. Everyone wants to make more and more money but most of them lack direction. Let us try to understand this with the help of a simple story. You wake up one day. You have a plan to visit your friend’s house. So, you had a quick shower and breakfast. But when you were ready to go you remembered that you have no idea about the route to your friend’s house. Now how you would meet your friend then? This is the similar case with many people! They know that they want to earn money online but actually they have no idea about which path to be followed for that. Where to make money online is everybody’s question these days. So, it is quite obvious that you have to first know about the different approaches then you can start earning with the help of these approaches. This advice is more important for people who are clueless about these approaches.

According to a survey, 90% of the people have no idea about what they want to do in their life. Next 7% know what is their aim but doesn’t care for taking any action for it. Only the last 3%, who know their aim and chooses the right approach and they are the winners.

There are many ways (methods) from where you can make money online. Some of the best methods are as under:

1.    Own Business Product/Service

2.    Google Adsense

3.    Affiliate Marketing

4.    CPA(Cost Per Action)

5.    Paid Survey and/or Promotional Email Checking

1] Own Business Product/Service

If you have your own product or you can provide services like website development, internet marketing, content writing, software, etc. then you can start selling those services online and earn from your service/product.

But here everyone is not able to provide service. Even most of the people don’t have any product and that is the case with most of the people. So now the question arises, how to make money even when you don’t have any special software or other service providing skills? What to do when you don’t have any product? Then how to make money online?

2] Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

The program of Google Adsense is managed and run by the world famous company Google Inc. This program assists the publishers of the content sites in the network of Google to serve video, image, text and other rich media ads which are targeted to an audience and website content. Google manages, maintains and sorts all these adverts so that they can generate money on the basis of per impression or per click. 

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How Google Adsense works?

  • Google AdSense Works a very simple way
  • First of all you need a website/blog with good content.
  • You can join Google Adsense (Join Here: www.google.com/adsense )
  • You can create ad that you want to display in your website
  • Take the ad code from AdSense and paste in to your website and you are DONE!
  • Now your website shows Google advertisement in your assigned area, now any of the visitor clicks on the ad displayed on your website then Google will pay you for per click.

Where to Sign up?

To create an account at Google Adsense, a person can sign up at: www.google.com/adsense

(Note: A person need to have website/blog to join AdSense. So first of all create your website and post at least 5-15 informative posts and then apply for AdSense account).

3] Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a kind of performance based marketing approach. In this Approach rewards are given on the basis of the number of customers or visitors which were attracted by the marketing efforts of an affiliate. In the industry there are four players i.e.

  1. The Merchant (brand or product owner)
  2. The network (one who takes care of the payments and advertiser & publisher)
  3. The publisher(actual affiliate)
  4. The customer

How Affiliate Marketing works?

This technique mainly works in five steps which are

  1. Research of the affiliate programs
  2. Joining of the affiliate program
  3. Selection of the product
  4. Start promotion.
  5. Any of customer purchases the product from your reference then you will get paid.

There are many good affiliate networks where a lot of different products are available to promote and you will get commission on that product when anyone orders the product from your affiliate link.

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Few of the Good Affiliate Networks:


ClickBank is the biggest digital product affiliate marketplace where thousands of digital products are available for promotion. ClickBank acts as an interface between the affiliate marketers and the creators of digital product. Here, the creator of digital product acts as a vendor and the affiliate marketers are promoters. Today lakhs of affiliate marketers are connected to the ClickBank and earning good money.

Almost all the beginners of affiliate marketing are started with the clickbank to promote digital products but I personally like to promote physical products rather than the digital products.

You can join ClickBank at: www.clickbank.com

CJ (commission Junction)

CJ is another great affiliate network where a lot of physical products are available. Advertisers and publishers are connected to each other in the affiliate network of CJ because of the integrity and its specialized services.

The CJ affiliated program is in touch with a number of top publishers and advertisers who are managing innovation. CJ is the one which is very much connected to its network. This connection is beneficial for both publisher and brands because it provides extraordinary outputs for both.

CJ offers pay per call plan for its publishers and advertisers. With the help of this plan they can search offers which are beyond the environment of the internet. Sales and leads can be tracked with their special tracking system to avoid fraud.

You can join CJ (commission Junction) at: www.cj.com

Amazon Associate Program

The Amazon Associate Program was launched in the year of 1996. This program is the affiliate marketing concept of Amazon. A person can earn 4-10% of referral fees and can also add high quality content to his website by just linking to the services and products of Amazon.

It is one of the earliest programs of affiliate marketing on the internet. Web developers, website owners and Amazon sellers can make money with the help of associates who own the record of developing solutions for the last ten years. Product previews, Store and Omakase links are the latest innovations of Amazon. The associates are paid according to these three points.

  • With the help of links which are specially formatted and which help in tracking the sales activity can be used to bring traffic to Amazon.com by the associates.
  • 4-10% of all the revenue made with the help of links can be earned by the associates 
  • The payments are made on a monthly basis to the associates.

Various famous sites, comparison engines of shopping, blogs and content sites, search engine marketers etc. are current contributors of the Amazon Associate program. You can also visit the present associated page to check out how the members are using the solutions of Amazon.

You can sign up with the Amazon associate program here: http://www.myincomebook.com/amazonassociates/

EBay partner network

EBay partner network is an affiliated program run by the multinational company eBay Inc. eBay is actually a multinational company of America which deals in consumer to consumer internet corporation. It sells a number of products and services all over the world from eBay.com. The internet users can also participate in the shopping and auction at this website.

The affiliate program of eBay partner network can help you in earning a lot of money on the internet if you are capable of driving traffic to the website of eBay or any other of its partner’s website. The programs of eBay use the service of QCP (Quality Click Pricing) system of payout for payment to its affiliates. According to it, the affiliates are paid on the basis of clicks they made for the site of eBay. The money paid for every click depends on the traffic quality brought to EBay.

EBay Partner Network is very kind in providing affiliate commissions. Higher the traffic you brought to the website, the more money is paid to you. For every program, there is variation in the amount of money that can be earned.  You are only required to read the conditions and terms about the program before selecting the one.

You can join EBay Partner Network here: https://www.ebaypartnernetwork.com/


The network of affiliate marketing of ShareAsale is based in the city of Chicago, the United States of America. The services of ShareAsale involve two sets of customers in the affiliate marketing. These two sets are the merchant and the affiliate. On the other hand ShareAsale is used by the merchants for managing, implementation and tracking of their own affiliate programs. Today more than 2500 merchants are connected with ShareAsale. They are very happy with the services of ShareAsale. All these merchants are selling different types of products. These merchants are ready to give you a commission if you will bring customers for their products.

The total idea and its implementation are very simple. You can select the merchant or product you want to promote and prepare a strategy of promotion for them. The commissions generated by the promotion and offered to you, by the merchants can be viewed in the real time as stats. ShareAsale makes a direct payment or with the cheques according to different products you promote.

You can join ShareAsale at: www.shareasale.com

Other Good Affiliate Networks

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the most preferred methods of making money on the internet but it is not very simple. It takes some efforts to convert traffic into sales. All the affiliated networks which are reliable and credible can be used for making money online. Some of the best affiliate networks are mentioned above and there are a number of other affiliate networks also available which can be used for earning money on the internet. So, just choose one from them and start earning money on the internet.

You can find more affiliate program by searching on Google.com like, if you are looking to promote Forex program then you can go to Google.com and search “Forex Affiliate Program” or “Forex Affiliate Network” and you will get Forex affiliate program where you can join with them and start promoting their product and earn money with the conversion.

4] CPA (Cost Per Action)

how to make moneyThe expanded form of CPA Lead network is cost per action. This methodology is believed to be one of the most convenient ways of earning money on the internet. You can earn money with the help of CPA by making leads for various companies. The main concept of CPA can be defined as follows:

With the help of CPA, you are paid for every performed action which will result in landing of visitor on the website whose link is provided by you. These actions include filling forms, completing surveys, offering email and any other information. The most important feature of CPA is that the visitor is not required to pay a single penny for anything he does. There is no money transaction involved and therefore there is no trouble which can make you worry. The whole concept is just based on collecting information from different people if they are willing to give it as they are interested in a particular service. These are the main benefits which make CPA a popular choice for earning money.

Very popular CPA Networds are as follow:



Adscend Media







5] Paid Survey and/or Promotional Email Checking


Paid survey and promotional email checking to earn money is very much fluctuated in the market and a lot of companies are in that market and I am not saying that all companies are the cheaters and not paying (many are the scammers and not paying anything) but some are good and paying to their members but how much? $0.02-0.05 per sign up or some more clicks to waste your time on that. So this will not help you make a lot of money and you will end earning merely 10 dollars. Thus under this you have wasted 20 dollars for the internet bill and your 30 days’ time also went in vain. At the end you are the loser and the company is getting all the cream for the money!

All of these companies take the membership fees for joining them and claim that they will give you monthly work and daily email to click on so as to help you get money. But all this is just a waste of your time as you end up earning very small money. Thus you need to keep a safe distance from such offers.


There are many ways to make money online so individual has to select their convenient approach to start with, as per my experience affiliate marketing & Google Adsense Wok best for beginner as well as for experts but internet is the complex 2nd world so you can learn so many things in your process and get many more ideas.

I want to address one question that many peoples are asking that they are not live in US so still they can work with all of above program? The good news is yes you can work with any of above program from anywhere in the world like India, UK, Australia, etc and even make money working from home.

Sorry for too long post but I want to make it complete as much as I can so prepared full information here but if you have any query or suggestion then write in a comment area.

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