How To Check Domain Availability

Posted On: December 8, 2012 by Bhargav Bavarva

As you know that domain is the name of website that means identity of website. Once you are planning to setup your website then first of all you need to have domain name for your website and that is not very easy now a day because of billions of domain already registered so you need to find the domain which is available for registration.
How to Check Domain Availability
Step-1: Go to Godaddy
Step-2: Type your desire domain name in domain search box and click on search button.
Step-3: E.g. you have search the domain name as but it is already taken so it shows that is already taken so you need to search another name.
Step-4: you can repeat the same process till you get domain name which is available for registration.
Step-5: If any of domains is available then it shows that your domain is available!
Step-6: If you are buying domain with GoDaddy then click on Add button just near to that domain and proceed for payment and if you are registering somewhere else then you can go to that domain registrar company and buy that domain.
You can check the domain availability without registering or sign up at godaddy and that is why I like to check at Godaddy and also purchase from that only.

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