How Much Does it Cost To Create a WordPress Website?

Posted On: January 7, 2014 by Bhargav Bavarva

If you have made decision to start online website then you might have questions regarding website costing that how much does it cost to create a website that generate income. Here I will cover the basic costs to create wordpress website.

WordPress is blogging platform where you can start your website & I would like to say that I love wordpress because of many reasons that we can cover in other post later but I can say that wordpress is the platform where you can create your website at lowest possible price that even easy to manage.

In order to start website, you need 2 basic things are as follow:
1] Website Domain (name of your website e.g.
2] Website Hosting (where your website files and pages are stored)

website costs

Website Domain Cost: $12.99/y

Domain is the name of your website that is very first thing you need for your website. It is the address of your website so you need to select domain wisely based on your planning for website. Generally it prefers the .com domain and if it is not available then .org, .net is also good.

Godaddy – $12.99/y
Namecheap – $3.98/y

Generally domain cost is around $10-13 per year but you can get discount code that save you more.

Website Hosting Cost: $59/y onwards

Hosting is another basic requirement you need for your website where your files & webpages are stored at the place that is called hosting and this is your major investment. Basic hosting cost is around $59 per year onwards as per your requirements.

Godaddy – $4.99/month – $59.88 per year
BlueHost – $4.95/month – $59.4 per year
HostGator – $3.96/month – $47.52 per year

These 3 are major hosting provider companies in the world & I am using Godaddy since 8 years and happy with services (many people has problem with Godaddy for window hosting but I am using Linux hosting with Godaddy and it is working perfectly fine). BlueHost is another good hosting company that anyone can trust. I do not have personal experience with HostGator but few of my friends are giving me positive feedback about HostGator so that is also recommended.

Still this is price company has now but you can search the available coupons code for particular company and save more.

Website Creation cost

When you are very new to online business then website creation might be very much costly but here we are using wordpress that will give you flexibility as well as more saving on website development cost. I would like to say that when I have started my first website business then it cost me too much and invested (or I can say wasted) more money on development but thanks for wordpress for saving & flexibility of admin control.

You can buy premium wordpress themes (such as thesis theme) but if you are beginner and don’t want to make any extra cost then you can use fee wordpress theme available in the market which cost you nothing.

WordPress Setup & Plugins

Once you have installed wordpress on your domain and start customizing your website then you might need to follow many setups and also need to add required plugins that help you to run wordpress better.

Many people hire someone to setup wordpress but you can learn here on MyIncomeBook about how to setup wordpress that take hardly few hours and save you money.

There are several thousand plugins are available for wordpress but you need only few good plugins (some are premium and other are free to use). For beginner level I can say that just free available plugins are enough for you to start and later on you can use premium plugin as per your requirements.

Logo Design Cost

Logo is your identity but if you do not want to create at initial level then don’t worry about this, wordpress has option to place text for your website name and that is enough for you to start and if you feel to have logo then cheapest option is to get from where lots of logo provider available and you will get it done just of $5.

So we have learn here that you just need basic domain & hosting investment for your business website and all other things are start free of cost at beginning level so total cost for website is $12 domain & $59 for hosting so total of $71 per year that is not bigger when you are seriously planning for online business to generate income.

I hope you get idea about cost to create wordpress website but if you still have any query then you can write in comment area.


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