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Posted On: September 15, 2013 by Bhargav Bavarva

GBG Ahmedabad has organized 2nd event on 14th Sep 2013 at IIM-Ahmedabad of GDayX. I have attended the event so I can say that it is really amazing event to meet and learn from each other and that is what Google has targeted for GBG,  Connect – Inform – Inspire.

GBG Branding:

GBG BrandingLot of discussion and learning in the sessions, Mr.Sunil Rao (Google India County Head) started the event and discuss about Google and new things happening such a Google Glass. As we have seen in Terminator 2 movie that how Arnold finding the information with his glass (eye) so here it is something like where you get the things so quickly and easily.


Sunil Rao & Bhargav Bavarva

(Mr. Sunil Rao & Me)

 Another person is Mr. Syed Malik (Google Hyderabad Search Team) who has discuss that how search engine works and point out the process as follow:

Crawling      Organizing      Indexing      Algorithms      Ranking

He has pointed out that around 200 FACTORS are considering in ranking  and point out that if you develop something for your website then just keep in mind the users (audience) and not search engines so keep doing valuable and you will automatically getting notice from Google and don’t try to trick the things.

Mr. Syed has also point out that Meta title and Meta Description is important but don’t make spam with too much keywords.

Also discuss brief about Google Tools to use are Google Webmaster & Google Analytics And then pointed that every month Google Hangouts to live discuss at #gindiawebmaster on G+

Then Mr. Aditiya has taken out the session about Google AdWords which is Google main source of advertising income and he has given some insight that how it works and what way you have to target and also discuss about the policy to run your ads.

After half an hours lunch we back to session and Mr. Vivek Bhargava has discuss about digital marketing and its benefits.

Very last but not least speaker is India’s Top blogger who is running his technology blog since 2004 (10 years now) Mr. Amit Agarwal from he has discuss about blogging history and how he has actually started blogging after quite his job after 5 years and share some example where he got very good responses so inspire to start blogging seriously.

He has also pointed out that he just focus on creating good content and just share to their social media and nothing more and he is running his blog alone and spare around 10 hrs. a day for blogging and then with family.

If you have missed this event then don’t worry you can search for YouTube channel and also become GBG Ahmedabad Registered Member now so that you will get all the future updates.

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Thanks & Cheers!

Bhargav Bavarva

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