I am Bhagav. I am enjoying online business and learning new business strategies to develop business and earn more money online.

I am passionate about business so my mind is working here and there for business plan and strategy. When I am in first year of college then thought that property business is one of the best for earning good money but that require lot of money to invest upfront that I don’t have. So I am searching something that does not require more money and it can be start with little.

I have touch computer keyboard very first time in first year of college and does not really know that how this works, but then after I have started learning computer and later on started learning about internet. After the spending of some times on internet my mind start brainstorming that how this internet works??? Why website is providing this information??? As we get free information then why they provide to us??? Why they waste their money to provide free to us??? Then started learning about internet business and how to make money on internet and research goes on and on…

After too much research, I have order some online courses and products and really does not get right information but get partial information that is not working at all so I have wasted my money and time but still my learning is not ended yet and going much deeper and started my free blog that is also very challenging for me because doing first time and learn some promotion method like directory submission, social bookmarking, etc.

I am not getting much success at that time but one think I was sure that this is the option for me to earn with less investment that what I am searching because property business is not feasible for me so I have started learning myself more and more rather to away from this internet business.

This underground learning goes 2 years and I have learned many thing and specially website promotional methods like, directory submission so I have plan to start my directory submission business and then add more link building & SEO services but I am doing my graduation so some time exams and other things are going on so not really get much time to launch my business website but I have prepare all website information myself and plan out everything, I got 1 free month in my MBA 2nd semester at that time I have launched my first website name called www.NextPinnacle.com on 5th July 2008, Saturday morning 8.00 o’clock from cyber café in vallabh vidyanagar.

Why & How I Have Planned To Launch This E-Couse?

As I am working online since long and many of my friends, students and other people knowing me personally asking me that how to earn money from online? And also sharing some fraud online cases that he and his friend has join some program claiming that if you pay first month then they will provide work each month and pay for that but they just grab money and nothing comes, so can you please let us know how we can do online?

So in this way lot of people are coming to me and asking some right direction to earn money online so I thought that okay lets educate people to the right way and give them right direction so that people can do something better for future and save their initial cost and time that I have invested.

Here I am going to post the series of online money making tutorial that help you to understand and build your own online business and income.

Thanks for your time to read me.

– Bhargav Bavarva